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Applied Analysis - Department Mathematics/Computer Science
Prof. Dr. Jens Rademacher
	• +49 (0) 421/218-63745
	• jdmr -at- uni-bremen -dot- de
	• Bibliothekstr. 5, MZH building room 4080,  28359 Bremen

Research interests
	• Dynamics of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
	• Pattern Formation, nonlinear waves, stability
	• Heteroclinic and homoclinic bifurcations
	• Symmetries, Coupled Oscillators
	• Applications

short cv
IMAMAT Journal (I currently serve as associate editor)
ZAMP Journal (I currently serve as associate editor)
pde2path continuation software
dynQuest dynamic online questionnaires
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Job openings
	• student assistant funding available - inquiries welcome!

Current Phd Students
	• Jichen Yang (since 10/2015)
	• Lars Siemer (since 3/2016)
Dennis Ulbrich (since 7/2016)
	• Artur Prugger (since 4/2017)
	• Miriam Steinherr (since 4/2017)

Former postdocs
Ivan Ovsyannikov
Daniel Wetzel
Prof. Dr. Martina Chirilus-Bruckner

Former PhD students
	• Sjors van der Stelt (now ABN-AMRO bank), Thesis title Rise and fall of periodic patterns in a generalised Klausmeier-Gray-Scott model, 2012 with Prof. Arjen Doelman
Eric Siero , Thesis title A recipe for desert: Analysis of an extended Klausmeier model 2016, with Prof. Arjen Doelman
Björn de Rijk, Thesis title Periodic pulse solutions to slowly nonlinear reaction-diffusion systems 2016, with Prof. Arjen Doelman